If your dentures are feeling loose, it might be time to consider a denture reline. At Prestige Denture Clinic in Ballarat, we specialise in ensuring your dentures fit comfortably and securely. With affordable pricing and discounts for DVA cardholders and pensioners, plus potential health fund rebates for those with appropriate coverage, maintaining your dentures is both accessible and economical.

Denture relines are generally recommended every two years to accommodate the natural reshaping of your jawbone over time. The process involves updating the fitting surface of the denture to improve its retention and comfort as your oral structure changes. This procedure is essential for both partial dentures and full dentures to prevent discomfort and instability.

Health Insurance and DVA Coverage:

We are DVA approved and offer a 10% discount to all pensioners. Additionally, health insurance holders may receive rebates depending on their level of cover.

denture relines

What Are Denture Relines?

A denture reline adjusts the denture’s base to ensure it fits snugly against your gums, compensating for natural changes in your gum tissues. This not only extends the life of your dentures but also enhances comfort, appearance, and functionality. Over time, as gums shrink, dentures may become loose, affecting your ability to eat, speak, and look your best.

Types of Relines Offered:

1. Standard Relines : Utilizes the same hard acrylic used in your original denture.

2. Soft Relines : Provides a softer inner lining for enhanced comfort, especially beneficial for:

  • Post-surgical healing phases.
  • Elderly patients with thin gum tissues.
  • Situations where bony changes expose nerves or create sore spots.

3. Temporary Relines : Used during the adjustment period post-denture fitting or to alleviate conditions like denture stomatitis. This reline uses a softer, temporary material to even out pressure distribution and promote healing, but it is less durable and requires more frequent replacements.

What is a denture reline?
A denture reline is a crucial maintenance step involving an applied coating to the denture’s fitting surface, enhancing fit and comfort to extend the denture’s lifespan.

How long does it take to reline dentures?
Prestige Denture Clinic in Ballarat offers one-day denture relines. Be sure to schedule an appointment in advance.

How much should a denture reline cost?
The cost for a denture reline ranges from $380 to $400, depending on the type required. Prices are subject to change.

How do dentists reline dentures?
The denture reline process includes taking an impression of your mouth and gums by a prosthetist, who then applies a coating to the fitting surface of your denture. This coating closely mimics the current topography of your mouth to eliminate gaps, restoring stability, fit, and comfort to the denture.

Can I reline my dentures myself?
While it’s possible for patients to attempt relining their dentures on their own, it is not recommended. DIY relines can easily damage the dentures because placing the materials correctly without professional equipment and visibility is challenging. Generally, patients lack the perspective needed to identify and address areas that require support or additional material.

How often should you reline your dentures?
A denture reline is typically recommended at least once every two years, but it may be needed more frequently if you experience discomfort or if your dentures don’t fit well and become loose. An ill-fitting denture can lead to several oral health issues. Here are some warning signs that it might be time for a reline:

  • You’ve developed areas of irritation on your gums.
  • You’re having difficulty chewing food because your dentures are slipping or shifting.

Whether you need a simple adjustment or a more comprehensive update to your dentures, our denture clinic is equipped to provide high-quality care. We also offer a follow-up service to ensure your dentures continue to fit perfectly. Contact Prestige Denture Clinic today on (03) 5332 7301 for a professional consultation and keep your smile looking great and feeling comfortable.